Case Studies

Kendall Darfler & Jason Ludwig, "Choosing Between Detection Speed and Accuracy," June 2017. [PDF]

Kendall Darfler & Dalton George, "Using Sensitive Data Purposefully," June 2017. [PDF]

Dalton George & Kendall Darfler, "Data Validity as an Ethical Issue," June 2017. [PDF]

Dalton George & Jason Ludwig, "Taking a Product to Market," June 2017. [PDF]

Jason Ludwig & Kendall Darfler, "An Algorithm Discriminates," June 2017. [PDF]

Jason Ludwig & Dalton George, " Sensitive Health Data and Privacy," June 2017. [PDF]

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Algorithms and big data are timely, important topics for investigation. The proposed research opens the black box of algorithmic design in order to provide more transparency for publics to discuss and debate the implications of this new way of organizing knowledge and social life.

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